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People who experience physical or mental trauma, or even long term over stress, often develop a long list of symptoms often leading to a diagnosis and limitations that dramatically affect their daily lives and capacity for full functioning, thus facing a “New Normal” that changes personalities, delivers many health diagnoses, and is overwhelmingly unacceptable, truly unimaginable to wrangle for the sufferer and for friends and family. 


The brain alone has over 100 billion neurons.  Neurotransmitter and neuronal death is part of daily life.  Stress and daily events cause death, but major events cause major neurotransmitter and neuronal death in various areas of the brain such and the frontal, parietal and temporal regions. Trauma that is physical or mental at any stage of life may cause changes in the brain that deliver massive changes in ones overall health and ability to function, this is  the result of the death of neurotransmitters and neurons. 


Nutritional supplementation in general, seeks to give the body tools that it normally uses in a manner to empower good health.  Neurotransmitter replacement is widely accepted and has an enormous amount of clinical evidence over the past 50 years.  What is less common is the understanding that in the presence of an abundance of neurotransmitters, the brain and body will create new neurons.*


The clinically researched ingredients in DRV’N deliver the precursors that create these vital neurotransmitters.  These key neurotransmitters are used in all regions of the brain and play a major role in behavior, moods, calm confidence, positive perception, cognition, clarity of thinking, a healthy stress response, and the strength of the brain known as brain permeability. 

For decades there has been speculation and debate about brain chemical imbalances but in the past many years it has become clear that symptomatic brains are deficient not somehow imbalanced.


We have dedicated over 30 years to understanding the brain and sympathetic nervous system.  As a result of this dedicated effort we have an answer that is compelling scientifically and in delivering highly desirable outcomes to those who experience increase in neurotransmitters.


Neurotransmitter replacement has been so well researched and so popularized over the past 20 years that Oxford University and many others are taking notice of its outcomes.  In addition, there are many doctors in a variety of fields who embrace the methodology having seen extremely positive outcomes, a growing number of whom are engaging their own research as we see an evolution in how we handle the health of the brain.


Neurotransmitter replacement therapy is often very expensive and only available through specific practitioners.  Our founder studied the sympathetic nervous system and brain for her own needs but was interrupted after 20 years, by her own Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) which caused catastrophic destruction of her life and health.  After five years, she had recovered through use of her own work to continue her studies resulting in her initial patent in 2015. Her efforts to deliver her work in DRV’N are from a passionate focus, to help others like herself. Now they may avoid the many limitations and heartbreaks that are the dreaded “New Normal”, and instead, allow them flourish in their lives better than they imagined possible.


DRV’N is free of fillers and flow agents, designed with the sensitive person in mind and is manufactured in a GMP compliant facility. And does not contain any gluten, wheat, yeast, corn, soy, dairy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, shellfish, salt, sugar, no artificial colors, or flavors, is non GMO, and uses vegetarian capsules.


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Panacea Biomed LLC welcomes and encourages you to take DRV'N to your doctor for review.  We want you to know that we are a brand you can trust.  And because we are a group of scientists and doctors ourselves, we seek to empower your doctor with the knowledge that we exist, so that your doctor can help others suffering just like you.  We live in a purpose driven world and you have the power to help others, just as we seek to help you.

Warmest regards, 

Alicia Kali

Founder, CEO, Chief Scientist

Panacea Biomed LLC

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                   Customer Experiences

I have been dealing with concussion syndrome for the better part of 8 years now, and I really thought that there was no light as the end of the tunnel. I've been taking DRV’N for a few months now and have seen very positive results. Within the first few weeks my headaches, dizziness, vertigo and balance was gone. Within the first month I was already noticing that during the day I felt much less sluggish and began to be much more productive at work. Within 2 months I was much better at handling and controlling the way I thought and felt about negative things that happened to me and around me. My ability to manage my emotions and my anger was really noticeable. The best way for me to describe it would be that I have begun to feel like I did before my concussions happened. Alicia is the best, and really does care about people.                         

                                                                                         Devin C-T – Former U of Minnesota Football, Wide Receiver

Before DRV'N I was having daily migraines, major memory loss issues, blackouts that I was told were mini seizures that would last for several minutes where I was disconnected off in lala land, it was really scary.  Often, I couldn't focus or process information.  This from a concussion I got in a car accident in 2014 that was later diagnosed as post-concussion syndrome, it left me with a mass on my brain that has had to be monitored every year.  Once I started DRV'N, within a few weeks the blackouts were occurring a lot less often and I was able to retain information and was able to remember things.  My equilibrium is back, my dizziness is gone and it’s like my brain got a reboot and gave me back something that I have been missing for years.  I think DRV'N is so much more than I can describe.

​                                                                                               Amber N. - Winona, MN 

DRV’N has helped my 14yr old son make great improvements after he suffered a bad concussion from an accident in January 2015. Almost a year after the accident, he was still having really bad signs and symptoms of PCS (Post-Concussion Syndrome). I did my own research, because doctor appointments and therapy were not being effective. My previous "A" student, was failing in school, having a hard time focusing, and showing signs of bad depression. He would come home from school every day and take naps, and not want to interact in his normal activities. As his mother, I felt helpless. I was tired of the Doctors telling me to "wait it out'" and "give it time," because it had been almost a year! Thankfully, we were blessed to find out about DRV’N this past December. Since he began taking it, I have already noticed major improvements. His grades are almost back to normal, he is not sleeping in class, and not napping every day. His mood is much more pleasant, and he is back doing his normal activities. I feel DRV’N is a much safer and natural route to go for my child, compared some of the medications the Doctor's had wanted to prescribe him. I am confident that he can make a full recovery, and go on with life (like he used to), with the help of DRV’N!

​                                                                                                         Stacy L.  -  Pediatric Nurse














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