DRV’N™ is developed for the DRV’N Athlete and DRV’N individual offering biochemical power that is proven in clinical studies to be neuroprotective as well as support recovery from physical and emotional trauma.   


Numerous clinical studies demonstrate that physcial and emotional trauma causes sweeping death of neurons, yet no technology exists to rebuild them.  Technologies using various methods, make claim to stimulate faltering neurons, but we have always known that creating an environment where your brain is empowered to create new neurons is far superior to any effort to helping faltering, failing, dying neurons.   

A study from Boston University brought to light by the Concussion Legacy Foundation in 2018 demonstrates that those with a diagnosis of depression, anxiety, or ADD are more vulnerable to head trauma; at a lesser rate of impact, and are more likely to develop long term life changing consequences, such as post concussion syndrome, mild traumatic brain injury and CTE.  This same group of people are engaging sports play with a "weak" brain. The deficiency of these neurotransmitters and resulting neuronal activity has long been known to be of concern in those with depression, anxiety, ADD and to those suffering, would say that it feels like their brain is in a weakened state, simply not functioning in a reliable and consistent manner.  


As we all understand, these variables along with the extreme intensity and competition of sport is a disaster waiting to happen, often changing lives forever, even without the additional risk factors of having a pre-existing diagnosis of depression, anxiety or ADD.  


DRV'N Neuroprotection delivers precursors to neurotransmitters associated with brain permeability (strength of the brain). Clinical studies demosntrate that a brain that is abundant with neurotransmitters creates new neurons both supporting recovery of trauma states and brain strength - called brain permeability.


Because DRV'N is formulated by a sports mom, neurobiologist whose over 30 years expertise in the brain and sympathetic nervous system is highly awarded and who also had a long term MTBI, suffering both post concussion symptoms and destruction of health it has been created in a manner that is well respected.  DRV'N exceeds FDA compliance requirement and is made from US pharmaceutical grade ingredients, no fillers, no allergens and has won numerous awards, is widely embraced by doctors, specialists, physical therapists, trainers, alternative medical providers, athletic directors, coaches and parents, and has a 30 day money back guarantee.


DRV'N was launched in 2015, long before the issue of head trauma became center stage, and our non-profit arm, "Purpose DRV'N" offers a free, printable self assessment tool at www.PurposeDRVN.org


PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES:  Please inquire at info@PanaceaBiomed.com for our product "BLACKBALLED" that is specially formulated for the elite body and brain. 

DRV'N Neuroprotection

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  • DRV’N™ is a blend of nutrients (USP Grade) that are precursors to neurotransmitters Dopamine, Norepinephrine and Serotonin.*  The clinically-researched ingredients in DRV’N promote healthy levels of neurotransmitters that support calm confidence, positive perception, cognition, clarity of thinking, a healthy stress response, and health of the brain’s nurotransmitters and neurons, while at the same time helping to reduce mental fatigue.* Growing evidence suggests that an abundance of specific amino acids empower neurotransmitters and neurons.    *Mindblowing Neuroprotection.*


    In  the interest of purity and safety, all of our products are free of Fillers or Flow Agents and come with a money back guarantee.


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